Stem Cells: The next generation in advanced skincare!

After taking a seminar this past March where I first learned of the use of plant stem cells in skin care, I have been patiently awaiting for them to come to the lines I carry!  I was thrilled when Rhonda Allison informed me that her Organic A Serum (my favorite retinol) would be reformulated with plant stem cells from the Buddleja Davidii shrub along with key  herbal complexes and vegetable extracts!  About 10 days ago I received the new formula minus the plant stem cell ingredient and have been loving how my skin is looking. Much smoother texture, old acne scarring looking refined and plumped and a resolution to some stubborn breakouts I’d been experiencing in my 7th month of pregnancy!  I expect to receive the new formula with Buddleja Davidii plant stem cells by next week and will let you know immediately!  If you’re a little confused as to how plant stem cells will help your skin, let me explain.  Every plant cell has the ability to regenerate new organs (leaves, stems, flowers and seeds). This is where plant cells “differentiate” and become stem cells.  If a plant is wounded, surrounding tissues “differentiate” , forming a wound healing tissue, building up new tissue.  Using real plant stem cells trigger the rejuvenation of the skin and delays the natural aging process by maintaining the activity of skin stem cells.  This in turn will boost the skin’s defense to oxidative stress and aid in preventing aging skin!  It will provide protection from UVA photo damage and post-inflammatory spots!

I have great expectations for the addition of stem cells to skin care. Based on the few estheticians at my seminar that had tried plant stem cells, the comments were resoundingly positive.  I rarely express such excitement when it comes to new products or technology before I have had the chance to try them. However, based on my delight with the addition of the herb and veggie extracts to Organic A, I can’t help but be impressed already.  


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