Galen Labs Hydrosols

Coming off a wonderful vacation, I quickly realized how much sun (too much really) I had gotten while enjoying the outdoors!  My skin looked thirsty and parched and despite my attempts at exfoliating, I still felt like it was looking a little lackluster.  I reached for a bottle of Galen Labs Rose Hydrosol and began spritzing my skin repeatedly throughout the day.  It immediately rebalanced my thirsty skin! If you are unfamiliar with Hydrosols, they are the steam that gets captured when distilling an essential oil.  So, you get all of the wonderful properties of the pure essential oil without the side effects of directly applying an essential oil to your skin.  The Rose Hydrosol, taken from Bulgarian roses, are a wonderful humectant and aid in balancing the skin’s pH leaving it moisturized and soothed.  I’ve begun to rely on Hydrosols much more during my facials, especially after extractions and at the end of a facial.  They are so refreshing when kept in the fridge, especially when our Minnesota weather has been so hot and humid. It’s a great refresher for the skin throughout the day and at $12/piece they are too affordable to pass up!


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