My one-and-only summer regret…and now Debi’s too!

Last summer I splurged and bought the most beautiful, gold-rimmed sunglasses! I wore them all the time! After spending a long day outdoors I came inside and noticed what looked like dirt on my cheekbones. I splashed my face with water and upon a closer look I was horrified! The super expensive, super-chic glasses I splurged on had acted like a mirror and reflected the sunlight so intensely I now had 2 paperclip sized spots of hyperpigmentation burned into my skin! Who would have thought!
They’ve been painfully stubborn and I see a trip for some IPL treatments in my near future!
After a phone call today from my dear friend, Debi, who just had the same thing happen to her, I knew I had to spread the word. Be careful with metal-rimmed sunglasses! Or better yet, don’t use them at all!


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