Inflamaging…what is it?

What is the first sign of stress that shows on the skin? Is it acne, psoriasis, rosacea, or premature aging? If you guessed premature aging, you’re right!  I wanted to contribute some fascinating science behind what takes place in our bodies when we are under stress. Women, first of all, are more susceptible to stress aging than men. Did you know that one long bout of chronic stress speeds up aging by 6 years of more?  When I explain further, you may understand why.  The main culprit is cortisol. Cortisol triggers inflammation at the cellular level and it literally tears the skin apart. In addition, Epinephrine, or Adrenaline,  damages the cell membranes and shortens the DNA strands. When the strands shorten, it triggers Apoptosis or “cell suicide”.  The DNA doesn’t want to reproduce abnormally and it cannot repair itself so the body forces apoptosis.   Stress will also lead to cell death of all cells; the keratinocytes, immune cells, fibroblast cells and others. It causes the overproduction of MMP’s, enzymes that destroy the collagen, elastin and dermal proteins. And that leads us to “Inflamaging”!  I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Ok, so here’s the good news.  I have seen years melt away from client’s faces when stressful events finally come to an end.  Two clients in particular come to mind-one in her early 50’s and one just entering her 60’s. Both retired last year and in 3-5 months time I was floored by how much younger they looked.  Now, we all might not be ready to retire so what can we do to make our skin thrive in stressful times?  Meditation!! Meditation is the quickest way to reduce cortisol.  We can all find 5 minutes for ourselves and I encourage you to take that time for YOU!   What else can I do, you may be asking?  Some of my most favorite topical serums work beautifully to prevent many cortisol related issues in the the skin.  SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF are our most popular vitamin C concentrates we’ve come to rely on for years.

Incorporate either of these formulas into your daytime routine.  Apply 4-5 drops to your face and neck every morning and then follow with eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen.  Take control of your inflamaging today!  Invest those 5 small minutes, nourish your skin these topical concentrates, and last but certainly not least, find things to be thankful for every day!


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