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Galen Labs

February 15, 2010

Galen Labs is our newest skin care line, brought in to reflect our love of natural, plant-based ingredients! This new, local line was inspired by Claudius Galen, a physician and prolific herbalist who practiced in the second century. He authored over 30 books on pharmacy and has listed over 700 plant ingredients he used in his prescriptions. Galen is credited with creating the very first cold cream; a foundation for all skin care formulas created today!
Our top-sellers have been their Shea Cream, a 100% pure, wild-crafted shea from Africa. It instantly soothes chapped skin and alleviates winter “crepe”! You know, that crepe-paper like dryness that comes in the winter. Next is 12 Element Facial Serum. One tiny drop is all you’ll need of this rich, restoring serum. With borage and evening primrose, 12 Element Facial Serum helps the skin retain water and prevents water evaporation through the epidermis. It smells incredible too! Those are just two products in this amazing, local line. Stop in to sample more of the line, we guarantee you’ll love it as much as we do!