About Sara Mattson

To say Sara Mattson is passionate about skincare is truly an understatement! Her search for beautiful skin began as a youth battling severe acne. Believing that no one should have to suffer with such an embarrassing disease, she sought the expert help of an esthetician. Years of trying numerous medications, over the counter skin products, and home remedies were not yielding nearly as significant results as were her regular skin treatments and suggested homecare products. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls she returned to school to pursue Esthetics. Combining her Esthetic and Education degrees, she quickly made a name for herself in the skincare industry. “I have been extremely fortunate to have aligned myself with world re-known experts in the skincare field.” says Mattson. It is her thirst for knowledge, combined with her innovative treatments that have kept her clients coming back for more and referring their friends and family. It is a process of consistently educating, tailoring specific treatments, and creating a foundation for beautiful skin with exceptional homecare products that have made working with her delightful and successful!


One Response to “About Sara Mattson”

  1. Tammy Hulett Says:

    Would like to schedule an appt for facial.

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