Home care tips for radiant skin

GrowthFactors_72dpiDid you know that professional skincare products will help you achieve better and faster results than over-the-counter products? Let me enlighten you! When investing in a professional line your dollars are going towards the the research, development and testing of the ingredients in that product. Compare that to OTC and department stores brands which spend HUGE amounts of money on packaging, mass marketing and branding. By law, professional lines are more concentrated and have a higher percentage of active ingredients too. Therefore, you get to use less product to achieve better and faster results! Makes sense, doesn’t it? There is an overwhelming amount of products on the market and I remember being in your shoes as I meandered through the aisles of skincare at my local drug store growing up. It’s helpful to have an expert advising and directing what EXACTLY can work for you and your skin type. Now that we are wrapping up the summer, I love revisiting my clients home care programs and tweaking them to deal with the change in temperature. Not to mention the hyper pigmentation and dead cell buildup that comes with tanning and general outdoor activity. When clients pair my professional skin care treatments and follow home care advice the improvement in their skin can be DRAMATIC. It doesn’t happen overnight. We are dealing with stimulating the cell layer, so give it time and soon your girlfriends will be asking “why does your skin look so great?”

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