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Home use technologies

March 21, 2014

At home technologies are becoming ever so popular with consumers as they are demanding spa quality treatments to do in the comfort of their own homes. Clarisonic made a huge impact on the market and the NUFACE Trinity is following suit. This last November I brought in the NUFACE Trinity device and it has been one of the most popular retail products I now sell. One of the most comment complaints I hear from women is in regards to skin looseness. NUFACE Trinity does an exceptional job at lifting the brows and defining the cheek and jawline. As it stimulates the underlying lymphatic fluid the contouring and “de-puffing” effect instantly makes the face appear younger and more well rested. I truly can’t describe just how happy I have been with this addition to the studio. Clients consistently remark how happy they are with their purchase too. Experience Trinity NUFACE before you buy it at your next facial appointment!