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February 6, 2013

I often get asked about what are the most powerful topicals to use for wrinkles and overall aging. Sometimes my answer is less than desirable for many clients. Why is that you ask? Because when I say retinoids or retin-A, many clients groan as they explain the considerable dryness, flaking and sensitivity that forced them to give it up. I remember my course on retin-a starting my second year of college. I ended up ripping up any photo of myself because all I could see was red, inflamed skin. I ended up giving up about 2 months in. Many times it’s about finding the correct strength to use and that will make a world of difference. Fast-forward to senior year and my skin looked great with Differin!
With the cost of prescription retin-A’s nearing $200 a tube I find clients get a better value and result with a milder formula available through estheticians. Chronopeptide A is becoming my favorite vitamin-A based serum to introduce clients into the arena of retinoids. This unique formula has little or no-downtime, but potent regenerating and anti-inflammatory benefits! Clients have been consistently remarking how they notice a difference in 1-2 nights. I like the changes I am seeing in their skin too! Fine lines are filling in and becoming more shallow, the skin is more even-toned and it is retaining moisture better too. All of these changes I am seeing in 8 weeks time. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the many changes I will see as clients continue on Chronopeptide A.chronopeptidea_prod_landingpage