I’m obsessed with White Lightning!

Remember my story of how I wore my gold-rimmed sunglasses through the summer and ended up with HUGE brown spots on my cheekbones from the sun’s reflection off the gold? Ugh, major disappointment….that is until NOW! I am officially obsessed with IS CLINICAL’S newest tag-team cream and serum combo WHITE LIGHTNING! I am loving my skin again. Having a baby, hormone changes, and little sleep had been leaving my skin less than stellar looking. So far, I’ve been using the White Lightning Complex daytime and the White Lightning Serum at nighttime and literally after one week I noticed a very distinct evening and brightening to my complexion. I’m now at one month, wearing less makeup and watching these large spots shrink smaller and smaller.
Now, wanting to make sure I loved this product before recommending to my clients, I wanted to test it first and then sample to those “pigment-challenged” like myself! I was psyched when my beautiful pilates instructor at Alota Pilates sent me a text saying “this IS lightening gives my skin a really nice glow”. And does it ever! If you see Caryn at Alota you’ll notice how her skin is truly glowing-she looks radiant!
I’ll share more about the Lightning line in my latest e-newsletter…..stay tuned and be sure to register at saraskin.com so you can receive April’s issue! Happy Spring too!


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