Winter Skin Survival Tips

December weather has been brutal on the skin this year!  I have seen more sensitive, nearly chapped cheeks this month than I can ever remember!  Since dry skin has an impaired ability to heal itself I’d like to share some simple tips that can repair and revitalize your skin simply and quickly!

1) Invest in a good humidifier. Run it throughout the night and you’ll quickly notice a difference in your skin. (Remember to lower your thermostat overnight too)

2) I may sound like a broken record, but drink half your body weight in ounces per day. Not only will your skin thank you, but you’ll be see your energy levels rising too.

3) Exfoliate with enzymes!  Try Derma Peel by Rhonda Allison. Massage this silky gel into the skin and feel it liquify as it binds to surface dead skin cells.  It transforms from a gel to a gentle scrub and leaves the skin smoothed and polished!

4) Replenish with Oils! Don’t be afraid of the wonderful skin nourishing benefits of oils! One of our favorites is Twelve Element Facial Serum by Galen Labs. I rely on this serum especially for  2 of it’s 12 oils, evening primrose and borage.  These oils prevent trans-epidermal water loss, meaning more moisture stay INSIDE the skin instead of evaporating OUT.

5)  Nourish from the inside-out!  Increase your healthy fats with Omega-3 fatty acids!  Studies have shown that a diet low in essential fatty acids can lead to dry skin and premature wrinkles.  These supplements work like magic for the skin!  They help maintain the structure of the cell membrane and do wonders for the smoothness and radiance of your skin.

Here’s hoping you incorporate these simple tips into your winter routine! Now, off to fill up my humidifier, grab a large glass of water to wash down my fish oils and pat a little oil into my skin before bed!  Good night everyone!


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