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Off to Chicago!

March 26, 2010

This weekend I will be spending my time attending 5 Advanced Education classes in Chicago.  With classes ranging from “Whole Remedies for Holistic Skin”, “Nourishing the skin with Traditional Chinese Medicine”, and “Lymphatic Drainage” I intend to bring back great new information and new skills too!  While I am gone, you can reach Kristin at 612.747.7336 for any help with last minute appointments or products! She will take excellent care of your skin, as she does mine.  


Give your skin the gift of oxygen

March 19, 2010

It’s been a busy week at Sara Mattson Skin Therapy. The sunny, spring weather  has brought in many new clients from the neighborhood and quite a few referrals from Alota Pilates. Alota has recently expanded their studio (it’s amazing) and if you’ve always thought of trying pilates, I highly recommend it! I digress a little, but I love supporting other women-owned businesses and I love what Pilates has done for me.

Working with the skin now for 11 years, I am constantly re-inventing my treatments and re-discovering why I love blending natural ingredients and high-tech tools within my facials. This blog post was prompted by my new referrals this week because they all remarked on how much they loved the Oxygen Therapy at the end of their treatment. I spent a good 10 minutes really saturating their skin with a mix of pure oxygen and mycellized vitamins. It instantly revitalizes the skin and gives an amazing glow to the complexion. If you’ve never experienced an oxygen facial, I encourage you to make an appointment and see the benefits for yourself.  It’s transforming, that’s the best way I can describe the instant change in the tissue.  You’ll see it immediately and feel a weightlessness, but firmness to your skin that is remarkable!   The season is changing and oxygen therapy is a wonderful way to renew your skin for Spring. I hope to meet you soon, Sara

The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

March 11, 2010

I received a wonderful phone call from a client last night! About 2 months ago, at her last appointment I told her to try drinking a few teaspoons of Braggs’ Apple Cider Vinegar each morning. I am a HUGE believer that problematic skin can be a result of many things, but the most important being diet. Her skin seemed to calm as her diet improved, but would flare up during stressful times and poor food choices. I explained how ACV “with the mother” (those stringy pieces floating around in the bottle) can instantly improve digestion and creates an alkaline environment in the body which is what we want.
So, when she called last night she was so excited and said “You are not going to recognize my skin! I’ve been drinking the Apple Cider Vinegar now for a solid 4 weeks and it’s amazing!” I was thrilled!! Not only had her skin cleared up beautifully, but her sugar cravings went away too. I look forward to seeing her next weekend and I promise to report back more on how her skin looks! I am including some other wonderful benefits of ACV from the “Bragg Healthy Lifestyle” book and plan to order a book all about ACV. There will be more to come, I promise!
*Helps promote a youthful skin and vibrant healthy body
*Helps fight germs, viruses, bacteria and mold naturally
*Helps calcium metabolism
*Helps banish acne, athlete’s foot, soothes burns and sunburns
*Helps digestion, assimilation, and balances pH
*Helps prevent itching scalp, dry hair, banishes dandruff, rashes and shingles
*Helps control and normalize body weight
*Helps fight arthritis and removes crystals and toxins from joints, tissues, organs, and entire body

My favorite morning tonic recipe: One mug of hot, purified water, a few teaspoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/2 organic lemon juiced, and a few drops of pure, liquid stevia. A great way to start your day, or to sip all day long. Cheers to good health and glowing skin!