Change it up!

Sometimes I need to remember to follow my own advice as an esthetician. Realizing that I had kept my regimen of products pretty much the same for the last 5 months, I decided that I was due for a “makeover” in my a.m and p.m routine! I added in Brightening Pigment Lotion, a potent toner from Rhonda Allison, and I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in giving my skin that freshly exfoliated shine! With lactic acid and daisy flower extract to suppress pigment and encourage cell turnover, I use it every morning and night. Next, I pat in a little Antioxidant Complex Serum for firming and anti-free radical protection. A quick buzz around my eyes with the new Clarisonic Opal and a layer of moisturizing sun protection, I am set for the day!
I keep the night routine simple too. After cleansing and toning, I do 4 drops of Active Serum from PhytoCeuticals. If you haven’t tried this product you should incorporate it into your routine. A cooling and tingling blend of lactic, glycolic, kojic and salicylic all work synergistically to smooth, hydrate, lighten and diminish and control occasional breakouts. I do the Clarisonic Opal once more, move on to my moisturizing and done! I like a little richer moisturizer at nighttime, one with growth factors to boost my cells repairability and regeneration. If your routine is in need of a little “tweaking” consider revamping your routine. Your skin will get acclimated to the same products after 6 months, so it’s important to do this quarterly.


One Response to “Change it up!”

  1. Rhonda Allison Says:

    Hi Sara,

    I have been reading your blog posts and they are so good. I would love for you to contribute them to our site, it would be great for our readers to see how you are doing that and your creativity. You have done such a great job of creating a strong business. Congratulations!

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