Winter Skin Survival

As the weather turns chilly, I have just begun to see the first signs of chapped cheeks and parched skin showing up my clients. Now is the best time to share some great tips on keeping your skin soothed and supple. I’ve chosen 3 great products that work wonders quickly and have a great price point as well.
First skin saver recommendation: Gentle Milk Cleanser, slows water loss in the skin as its main ingredient is an oil from coconut and glycerin. It is wonderfully gentle around the eyes and is great to mix with any other cleanser your have. $11 and up
Second skin saver is our Rosecea Serum: This sensitive skin complex contains Seabuckthorn Oil. Rich in phytosterols, Rosecea serum protects and restores the skin. Its high in Vitamin A & E for antioxidant protection, and it encourages skin strengthening from Asiatic Acid (Heart of Centella Asiatica). $14 and up
Thirdly, this skin saver is for truly chapped skins! Post Balm Lubricating Ointment provides a protective barrier and keeps skin lubricated to promote healing, however, it will not congest the skin! Shea Butter, natural vitamin E, borage oil and willow herb extract all work together to reduce inflammation and promote tissue respiration and repair. $12 and up.

These great product suggestions are really just a few in my selection of “Winter Skin Survival” go-to’s. I look forward to helping guide YOU through the winter with radiant, glowing skin. Send me your skin questions and I’ll help pair your skin with products that will match beautifully for your concern.


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