Retinol reverses normal skin aging

I recently found an article from Harvard Women’s Health Watch Magazine that I had found buried under many papers during our move into our new space last year. It’s a great article siting findings from the Archives of Dermatology on how retinol helps counter the signs of skin aging that is unrelated to the sun. It was a lengthy study done on men and women ages 80-96. For 24 weeks the study went on and as early as 4 weeks fine lines began to fade! The punch biopsy results found increased production of GAG’s, which help retain water, and procollagen, the precursor to collagen, our skins main support structure. The increase in procollagen suggests that retinol use strengthens the underlying tissue and counteracts the age-related thinning of the skin!
With Rhonda Allison, our corrective cosmeceutical strength line, we have 3 formulas of retinol designed to work with any skin type. Starting with our mildest, Organic A, to Therapy A and our strongest, Retinol Supreme. I often like using retinols better than prescription strength Retin-A because it is more tolerated and gives a remarkably healthy sheen characteristic of vitamin A. If retinol isn’t in your routine yet, I urge you to give it a chance! With three elegant formulas, I promise we’ll find one that is right for you!



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