What to expect with a Mid-Depth Peel

Peels are my favorite way to quickly improve the look and health of the skin. Many people cringe when they think of a peel. Their mind quickly goes to Samantha on Sex and the City who happily agreed to a “freshening peel” by her doctor, and leaves scaring children on the streets of Manhattan! Esthetician performed peels are much more lifestyle friendly, as compared to a physician strength peel. One or two mid-depth peels are perfect each year, with some skins tolerating them monthly. If you are considering one, fall and spring are perfect times of the year because of the low heat and less intense sun exposure. After a test patch, I suggest an evening appointment for your peel. The peel solution remains on the skin overnight, so it is best to “wear” your peel home and relax the rest of the evening. Now, there are 3 phases that the skin goes through when healing from the wound of a peel.
1) Inflammation. This happen as soon as the peel solution is applied to your skin. Mild swelling, erythema (reddening), an increased feeling of heat in the skin, and pain. The pain is tolerable and with the help of a fan most people do great!
2)Re-epithilialization. This happens in the first 24 hours. Keratin begins to form and new cells migrate to the base of the wound. On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day the skin visibly starts to peel, much like it would from a sunburn. At this time the skin is forming new blood vessels and new tissue.
3)Remodeling Phase. This is the COLLAGEN BUILDING PHASE! This process can go on for weeks after a peel! 7-10 days following your peel though, you must return for a follow-up Post-Peel Treatment. This allows us to assess the changes in the skin condition, texture and tone. Slough off any dead skin cells that may still be remaining. Hydrate and nourish the skin and observe the overall benefit of the peel.
From start to finish, the whole process leaves the skin looking radiant, smooth and plump. I find peels to be great for so many reasons, share with us why you love peels too!


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