A Thoughful Approach to Your Skin’s Health

I recently saw a new client who had gone without having facials for years because she thought they were too painful. She came in on the recommendation of her good friend and loved her treatment so much she sent her mom in the very next week. It got me thinking of what I do and how it is different from other businesses.  First, I’d say it’s gratefullness.  I am priviledged to love what I do and when someone spends their time and hard-earned money to come to me, I have an obligation to do everything I can to meet their expectations. I belive that comes through in my touch!  Secondly, I love to take all the issues that I see under my magnifying lamp and whip up a treatment or series of treatments that is just for them. A super customized blend of enzymes and peels infused with the best technology like Microdermabrasion (for retexturizing and smoothing), Micro-Current (for muscle re-education), LED (for repairing tissue and promoting healing) and my all-time favorite Oxygen (for revitalizing, healing and hydrating)!  I can’t imagine doing it any other way!


One Response to “A Thoughful Approach to Your Skin’s Health”

  1. Searcy Lillehei Says:

    I couldn’t agree more – you do an amazing job of personalizing facials for individuals needs!

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